Monday, June 04, 2012


Since it's summer, I'll try to post a little more.  The kids are growing and changing so fast! Charlotte is almost 6 months old and in a few months Anderson will be 3!

James and I went to Portland while my wonderful parents stayed with Anderson and Charlotte. It was a wonderful weekend and the best part was having no responsibilities for a few days! Other than the half marathon, we traveled along the Columbia River and went to a few wineries/breweries.  It was great!

This summer will be full of playing outside, play dates, camping (we'll see how the first trip goes), staying up in the mountains, company, gymnastics and music class for Anderson, and just enjoying a little leisure.  Anderson's favorite thing is to get up in the morning and watch a little t.v. with his pajamas still on. It's nice to not be in a rush in the mornings.


Perfect day for a hike.

Sweet girl!

Making green juice (Anderson's favorite)



Our sweetie.


Looking older!

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Alice said...

Wow 6mon. already?!? That sure has flown by fast!! :P Audrey is 19mon. now and THAT sure has flown by fast!! And isn't the Columbia Gorge just gorgeous?!? I miss it :)