Wednesday, May 25, 2011

End of School Year

Yay! I had my last day with the kids on Tuesday and just have to go say goodbye to them on Thursday and clean up our room on Friday. It sure doesn't seem like summer but boy am I excited! The weather here has been unusually cool, so hopefully it will warm up this weekend.
Last weekend we went to visit my family in Missouri. I'll have to post a few pictures of Anderson from that weekend but will have to wait since I used my mom's camera. The weather was very humid and warm. We actually passed through Joplin, MO, on our way back to the airport on Sunday before the devastating tornado. It's just horrible and it seems like they keep getting severe weather. I grew up in tornado alley and just don't remember having so many tornadoes in the spring.
Anderson's told me he's really excited for the summer. We plan on keeping very busy since he's a very active little guy. We are doing a play group one day a week, library activities one day, and kindermusik. I've also been thinking about doing a swim class or something. We'll see about that. I'm hoping he will start sleeping in too.
Here's a few pics from about a week ago.
Fun at the park.
Hi Mommy!
Look, a caterpillar. This was right before he proceeded
to step on it. It lived though.
Uh Oh.