Monday, May 04, 2009


We are finally done with all the negotiating for the house (after the inspection) and we close on May 21st! At least once every day we say that we can't wait to have some more space. Usually it is while we are both trying to get ready for work in the morning because we both can't fit in the one tiny bathroom. Or, it is when we bump into each other in the kitchen as we are cleaning up, etc.

I'm at week 19 now! It has gone by so fast and I'm almost half way there. We will find out next Thursday if we are having a baby boy or girl. :) I have started to pop. I mean POP! My kids at school like to mention it at least once a day, especially right after lunch. They keep telling me that my stomach is going to grow along with the baby. One said, "Wow, there really is a baby in there. How did it get there?" That kind of caught me off guard and I tried to avoid it by changing the subject. It worked that time.

I hope everyone has a great week. We are going to enjoy the 70+ degrees and sunshine this week. Yay! James is hoping to get into shape before his friend comes from St. Louis in June to do a century bike ride in the mountains. I'm just hoping to get some walking in.