Sunday, October 02, 2011

Fun Fall Weekend

It's been a great weekend! Anderson has just been so much fun, except for the sleeping issues.  We did get some reprieve on Saturday night when he didn't wake at all and slept until almost 8.  I had Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off of work and we enjoyed our time together.  We had a good time with friends at the park and enjoyed just playing at home.  On Friday Anderson went with me to my 28 week appointment. and he said to my doctor, "Hi Doctor." I was so proud of him.  After that we went to get treats at our favorite bakery nearby, to the park, and then we picked James up early from work and drove to Rocky Mountain National Park.  Anderson kept saying, "Elk, elk." We did get to see some elk this time and the Aspen trees were beautiful! It was such a fun day! The rest of the weekend was spent playing outside and then we had our friends over for dinner on Saturday evening.  That's about it for now.

Having fun at City Park!

Our little train conductor.

Beautiful fall day and lots of elk sightings.

Fall colors

Love the Aspens

Anderson did some hiking and of course did his sneak walk.

Beautiful lake.

Super sweet boy.

Picture perfect.

An elk outside the car.

More elk