Thursday, March 05, 2009


We have finally decided to expand our search area to the suburbs. With baby C on the way we are thinking that we need some space. We were searching in a beautiful area of Denver with older homes. We finally came to reality when we looked at the last house in this area. The house was more than we wanted to spend and didn't meet our needs at all. It claimed to have three bedrooms; however, the third bedroom was in the basement. Let me say that it was a scary basement with huge white pipes hanging from the low ceiling. We are going to have a lot of family and friends visit and I couldn't imagine sticking anyone down there to sleep. The first floor of the house was georgous but still small. It also only had one car garage without a garage opener. We thought about baby stuff, bikes, etc., and realized there would be no room for storage. We have decided on the suburb where I teach because it is only 11 miles from Denver and James's commute won't actually be much longer since the bus will take the HOV lane. We looked at some homes last night and we loved one of the houses until we realized that the kids from the subdivision would go to my school. I'm not so sure I want that. So, we are going to continue looking in other subdivisions that don't feed into my school. One of my friends from college moved to Denver a few years ago and we are hoping to find a house in her neighborhood. We are going again this weekend and hopefully we will put a contract on a house. I want to move before I'm huge and it's hot! It will be like Christmas all over again when we get to sort through our stuff from the garage. We have a lot of baby stuff and I'm excited to see what we have!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Our Story

Our little sweet pea (now the size of a prune)
We hope you liked the slideshow surprise! We were very surprised and thrilled to find out I was pregnant. It still doesn't feel real. We went for an ultrasound a few weeks ago and it was amazing to see the baby's heartbeat. I'm due in September and already feel like I'm beginning to show. Maybe this could be due to the fact that I'm ALWAYS starving and exhausted all the time. Humm.. for some reason I don't feel like working out as much as I used to and James thinks I have a case of narcolepsy. Seriously, I can sit down to watch a favorite show and the next thing I know it's 10:00 and I feel completely out of it! I also get hot flashes. One day I was reading a book to the kids and one of them raised her hand and said, "Mrs. C, your face is really red, are you okay?" I told her I just needed a drink of water. The only thing that seems to cure it is food. Darn. I feel like eating always makes me feel better. I really can't complain though because I don't have a lot of morning sickness. Needless to say, we are beyond excited for the prune!
We are happy with this new chapter in our lives. Isn't it amazing how life works? We thought we had everything planned out a year ago and look where we are now. We didn't think we were going to have biological children (at least not anytime soon). Adoption was our first choice for starting a family. We went through a life changing event a few years ago (medical) and realized how precious life is. Life meant something different and we felt called to adopt a child. We also didn't even know if we could have biological children so adoption just felt natural to us. Then we went through everything we went through and now we see things from a different perspective. A good friend said that it took them losing a child to open their hearts to adoption and it took losing the twins to open our hearts to biological children. We still believe that adoption is in our future. For now we are going to be happy with our wonderful gift. We hope you all will continue to follow along with our journey.