Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wow, Where Did the Time Go?

I just realized that it's been quite awhile since I've posted. We went to Steamboat Springs a few weeks ago and then all last week we were in hot St. Louis visiting friends and family. After all the travels, we are so happy to be home. My Aunt is coming on Monday and then next weekend we are headed to Copper Mountain. James and my Aunt are doing the Copper Mountain Triangle Bike Ride. Anderson, my Aunt's friend Tracy, and I are going to relax and enjoy the beautiful mountain weather.
It's hard to believe but I actually go back to school in a few weeks. In fact, one of my new teammates emailed us about meeting to plan for the year. Yikes! I'm definitely not ready but I don't feel the anxiety I normally would and am even a little excited about my part time teaching role in a new grade. Yay! I feel so fortunate to be able to do this because I didn't want to completely give up my teaching job. It think it would be really difficult to find another one in the future.
Anderson has been so much fun lately. Three out of four teeth on the top have FINALLY broken through. Hooray! We've had some sleepless nights and they seem to be getting a bit better. Anderson talks all the time and is a funny little character. He loves to dance to music, he cracks himself up, and wants to try everything we eat. Molly is liking him more but still sometimes hurries to get out of the room when she see's him crawling near her. Anderson is pretty close to walking and boy will we be busy!
Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting Kelli and Aiden at the Denver Aquarium! He is such a doll and it was great meeting them.
Here's some pictures from the past few weeks and I'll do another post with pics from MO.
Anderson and Aiden.
Dishes are fun!

Standing up is so much fun!
I love books!
I'm getting close to walking!
James rode the Tour De Steamboat.
Little things are so entertaining!

Wow, mom actually carried the backpack for a bit.
Daddy was tired from the day before.

Rabbit Ear's Pass. The hike was beautiful!
Made it to the top!