Thursday, October 21, 2010


We decided to go to to CA because I was just so extremely tired and thought Anderson and I could both use some time at home. We've been on the go so much that I just couldn't do it. Poor James was sad, but he's excited to come home on Friday. Only one more week of travel for him. If he does have to travel anymore to Pasadena then it would only be a day or two a week. I could handle that but could not handle Monday-Friday every week!
I feel like I made the right decision about not going because I've gotten so much done around the house, and Anderson and I have had a blast. Not to mention the fact that CO weather is so much nicer than CA weather at the moment. We've been going to the park, playing in the leaves, and enjoying time at kindermusik and with friends. It's been a fun week, but we miss James a lot! We're excited for Friday!