Sunday, June 13, 2010


We bought Anderson some puffs and that started his love for anything that is food! He's always loved to eat but now he really LOVES to eat. I now have two "kids"begging for my food when I make meals. The other day I made myself a sandwhich and got the crackers out. Anderson saw the box of crackers and started crawling to the kitchen and then began crying because he wanted them. Molly really doesn't know what to think about her competition but she loves when he misses his mouth. It's funny because when we pick him up several puffs fall to the floor. Molly has a field day getting the leftovers.
This weekend it was actually kind of chilly and rainy in Denver, which is usually not the case. We are usually on the go so much because the weather is so beautiful but it was fun being indoors for a few days. We slept in, made breakfast at home, watched a movie, and took Anderson to the Children's Museum. It was fun and the best part was the huge room for crawling babies. His eyes were so wide the entire time. He loved it! It will be fun when he can participate in all of the fun other activities too. Anderson went to the nursery for the first time at church today and did great! We've had a hard time going to church on Sunday mornings because of his nap/schedule. Anderson did great in the nursery and so what if he didn't get his normal morning nap. He did fine when we went out to lunch and just took a longer one this afternoon. All in all, it was a very fun weekend!

Molly doesn't know what to do..

Of course he's happy, he's eating!

Look at all of this stuff!

Taking a rest.

Here I come.

Not so amused by Daddy's puppet show.
Puffs are yummy!