Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sleep.. What's That?

The last few nights Anderson hasn't slept well. James had a headache the other day so I forced him to sleep in the guest room to get a little sleep. Anderson has been congested and has napped quite a bit in the early evening. During the day he is awake more and so much more alert. In the evening we do everything we can to try to keep him awake but sometimes NOTHING keeps him awake. We got a humidifier and a sleep positioner to help him stay propped up but now I'm wondering if the congestion is really the reason for his sleeping issues. He usually falls asleep while eating during the night and then I lay him down to sleep. He would prefer to be held and knows immediately when he is put in his crib. Last night I kept picking him up but putting him down before he fell completely asleep. This really didn't work out too well. Does anyone have advice about this issue?? We don't want to let him cry since he is not even a month old and he needs to feel secure and know that we will meet his needs. We need sleep though. Before the last few nights he would eat and then go right to sleep so I was only up for 30-45 minutes. The last few nights I have been up for an hour to two hours each feeding which does not leave much time for sleep. Any advice would be appreciated!
Awake and Alert

Asleep..nothing can wake him up!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

These Are the Days of Our Lives

Boy has time flown by. Anderson was three weeks on Saturday and is a hungry, growing boy. He is more alert, still squeaks instead of all out cries (most of the time), and has at least one accident a day. We bought a wee guard but sometimes we forget to use it and we get a nice surprise. Anderson enjoyed his first Mizzou game on Thursday but unfortunately it didn't turn out like we wanted it to. This weekend it was really cold so we didn't really venture out of the house. We had some friends over on Sunday and Molly really enjoyed the attention. It is safe to say that we are all adjusting well, including Molly. Each day she seems to be a bit more comfortable around the little guy and a little less sad. We are getting 3 to 4 hour stretches of sleep at night but still feel somewhat tired since it is interrupted sleep.

Here are some cute pics (we have taken over a 1000)

Anderson sporting his first pair of jeans.

Mizzou family.

Anderson having a great dream.