Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Work and No Time

I have been working an insane amount of hours trying to prepare for those little 2nd graders and their parents. My job is full time this year and wow, it is hard getting acclimated to a new school and learning the new curriculum, procedures, etc. The school is highly regarded and the principal has very high expectations of everyone, which is a little pressure but somehow I will survive, right? Today was the first day of school and the kiddos are so cute and clueless! They were so quiet and looked so scared this morning.
I have been so busy that I feel like I have no life right now and am exhausted. At least I have something to keep me busy! I had thought I was going to stay at home when we moved to CO but decided that I shouldn't be a stay at home mom to Molly. That does sound good at the moment though because I miss the freedom I have in the summer. Maybe someday...