Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our November

Really, I can't believe that I let a month slide by without a blog post. Sorry! We've been busy preparing for baby number two, decorating for Christmas, and just busy in general. James has had quite the honey do list and has almost finished everything. I guess you would say that I've been nesting the past month. I'm officially full term on Tuesday and baby C. could be here sometime in the next few weeks (really anytime but I'm guessing she'll want to cook a bit longer).

Thanksgiving was spent with friends here in Denver and it was just nice having daddy around and not having to work. Anderson really enjoyed all of our outings over the long weekend. He's talking up a storm and is now repeating about everything we say. Needless to say, he makes us laugh all the time! He's a funny guy and it's fun to see his little personality explode. We just love him to pieces. I'm a bit nervous about the transition to two children. Right now Anderson is my little bud and it's going to be hard on both of us. We'll survive the transition as long as I survive the first month!

Enjoying his new reading nook in his bedroom.  

Playdough fun

Ride it cowboy!
The Plank
Ready to wrestle the snowman.

Trying to help in the kitchen.

Helping daddy with the tree.

Yay boxes!

Cute Santas.

A little Guitar Hero

Putting some ornaments on the tree.

Almost full term!
Yummy snack!