Friday, September 25, 2009

Week of Firsts

We have been home for two days and a half and it has been a learning experience. Here are some things we have learned about Anderson:

1) He doesn't like being cold
2) He is a deep sleeper--you can bang pots and pans together and not even Molly's bark will wake him up!
3) He is a great snuggler
4) He hasn't stayed awake during a single feeding
5) He loves to wear multiple outfits a day(accidents)
6) He loves his hands.
7) He is super sweet and makes the cutest faces (we can't stop staring at him!)
8) He loves to sleep on daddy's chest
9) He makes the most adorable noises
10) He is the best baby we could hope for!
11) He is a multiple sneezer.
12) He's quite the squirmy little guy (especially during changings)
13) He can roll from side to side and does so frequently.
14) He can hold his own pacifier.
15) He makes the time fly by, I can't believe it will be a week tomorrow!
We were so excited to leave the hospital on Wednesday and after we got home, it looked like a baby store exploded in our house. The doctors were concerned about Anderson's weight loss so we set our alarms every few hours (he loves to sleep) to wake him up to feed him. We struggled trying to keep him awake and then he got upset over and over. It wasn't the best night and needless to say, we were exhausted on Thursday. Thursday we tried to keep a schedule the best we could and things seemed a little less overwhelming. Thursday night went much better for the three of us. The whole breastfeeding thing has been much more difficult than I anticipated but it is starting to get better (meeting with lactation specialists at the hospital helped). On Friday we took Anderson to the pediatrician for a newborn check-up and he is perfectly healthy. He enjoyed his the car ride (he slept during the entire trip).
Poor Molly, she doesn't know what to think about her new baby brother. She'll come to sniff him but in general, doesn't want much to do with him. She seems sad she isn't getting all of our attention anymore. I'm sure she'll come around soon enough.

He is the sweetest baby and we couldn't be happier. We are still overwhelmed but things are getting better day by day. I'm feeling so much better than I did when we left the hospital and hopefully I'll feel better each day. James has been a great daddy and huge help! I felt bad that his birthday was full of work around the house. I also felt bad because I didn't get to do anything special for him since I was in the hospital all last weekend. He really has been the best; trying to take care of both of us.
We both feel incredibly lucky to have our little guy home and healthy. We love him so much and think he is truly a gift from God.

Here are some pics from the last week-

No, that Tangelo seat isn't a coincidence.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pictures of Baby Anderson

Mom and baby continue to do well. All the nurses love our little guy, as he loves to cuddle and thus far is quite the sleeper. Here are some pictures enjoy.

Welcome to the world

After several hours of good contractions, Melissa wasn't progressing towards delivery. The doctor thought it best not to stress the baby or mom any further as she had been at 5 cm for over 4 hours with no progress. The doctor made the call for the C-section and they were wheeling Melissa into the OR within 10 minutes. She was a champ through the surgery and our little guy bust into the world with arms stretched out, screaming at 8:06 p.m.

He's 7 lbs 4 oz, and 20 and 1/2 inches long. He has blondish/light brown hair accompanied by 10 fingers and 10 toes (yes, I counted.) So far he's been a good sleeper, and seems to enjoy cuddling.

Both the little guy and Melissa are doing well. As I write this, poor Melissa can't even keep her eyes open. She'll wake up and ask me a question and before I finish answering, she'll be fast asleep again.

More updates to follow...