Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting Better!

I'm feeling a little less overwhelmed. Here are some positive things to help me get through these few weeks...
1) The baby's clothes are washed and his bag is about packed
2) The car seat will be installed sometime in the next few days (we have his seat sitting out and the stroller is put together).
3) I left school at 4:00 today and it would have been earlier but I had to help interview for the long term sub position. We found someone to sub for me during the ten weeks I'll be gone (won't include the winter vacation)
4) My class is starting to really learn the routines and expectations. They are really cute and sweet. It will be a little hard to say goodbye to them for so long.
5) Tomorrow is Thursday~one day away from Friday
6) I'm getting some sleep at night
7) The weather has been nice so I went on a walk with my friend who lives in the neighborhood
8) I get a growth ultrasound next Wednesday. It will be fun to see what our little guy looks like since the last one was at 20 weeks.
9) I've been controlling my blood sugar with diet alone but feel full all the time. I'm eating like a football player!
10) I have a couple baby showers coming up--should be fun!
That's about it for now. Here are a few random pics-

We saw this field of sunflowers in a field close to our house. I need to play around with the camera because the flowers look dark.
Molly was scared of all the baby's stuff. Wait until we gets here. Her world will be turned upside down!