Saturday, September 19, 2009

4:30 p.m. Update

5 cm and counting. Melissa is doing well and so is the little one.

And it BEGINS!

Authored by James: M.elissa had her last day of school on Friday. It was the day after conferences, so it was more of a work day for the teachers without the kids. Melissa headed off to her bi-weekly non-stress test, at the doctors office. The plan was to pick me up at work after the doctors office and have a fun filled weekend. Movies, eating out, shopping, we had it all planned out, but life doesn't always go according to the plan.

Our little guy was pretty unresponsive during the stress test, which really concerned the doctor. I got the call from Melissa at 2:30 p.m. on Friday, when she told me she was being admitted. I didn't believe her, but the more she spoke I realized, she isn't that good of an actress. Melissa told me to stay at work since they were only going to monitor the baby. I thought about it for all of about a minute and decided to go be with her. Since I took the bus on Friday, the only day this week I didn't drive, I had to catch a ride with a co-worker. When I arrived, they were giving Melissa IV fluids and oxygen to help get an indication on the health of the baby. It wasn't long before our little guy was back to his normal energetic self.

At the end of the test, we spoke with the doctor who said, "Well, we have a healthy looking happy baby, but lets not risk it." So, we checked into the hospital. They've been monitoring the little guy constantly, and he's trucking right along. We had some friends bring us our baby bags and take care of Molly, for which we were very grateful.

Fast forward to today, after an uncomfortable night for Melissa. I ran home and picked up a few more supplies while Melissa got to take a bath and feel a little more human. We're progressing along with the induction today. Early estimates were for the baby to come late tonight around 11-12, but more recent indications say it might be closer to 7-8 tonight. We're excited to meet our little guy.

More updates to come!

Monday, September 14, 2009


I'm scheduled to go be induced at the hospital next Monday in the evening. At my appointment today my doctor said I had several mini-contractions during the Non stress test. She said that I could definitely have the baby before Monday! I'm feeling anxious, excited, etc.

I had my school baby shower on Friday and my wonderful friend Kathleen through me a friend shower on Sunday. It was so much fun sorting through the fun baby things. I believe we are about ready for this little guy to come!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Monday!