Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Little Mr. Personality

Anderson has been so much fun lately and is developing quite a little personality! He is doing so much more now and is full of laughs and smiles. He has done some new things lately. He blows with his mouth so hard that his face turns red, he plays with his pacifier at night (the only time we give it to him), he holds onto his activity table while standing, pets Molly, and is very interactive. He has been talking quite a bit and yesterday when I picked him up from his babysitter's house he squealed with excitement. That really melted my heart and definitely made me a little jealous of our babysitter! At least I only have a few months left of school because it has just been so hard to leave our little bundle of fun.

At 6 and a half months old we thought it was time to start some solid foods since he has been exclusively breastfed for 6 months. At 5 months we did try a few bites of rice cereal but those few bites took us to urgent care due to constipation. We first tried squash and oatmeal and Anderson loved both and ate every bite. Then we tried sweet potatoes and he liked them but he preferred the squash. We then decided to try peas and he wasn't a fan. We tried once more and gave up with the peas. James has tasted everything we have given Anderson and said the peas were not so great. It's fun to keep trying new foods. We are wondering if he will eat anything green. We sure don't want a picky eater!

Anderson wants to crawl.

Look what the Easter bunny brought him!

He wants to grab everything.

Excited about eating something besides peas.