Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Look Out!!

We are hitting the slopes this weekend. Neither one of us has ever been skiing and I am nervous about it. I want to try it because everyone talks about it but I am not a fan of heights!! I think the worst part will be the ski lift. Our friends are renting a condo near Vail and offered to teach us. We were going to take lessons anyway but hopefully we don't embarrass ourselves.

Also, on Tuesday it was 78 degrees and on Thursday we are expecting snow or freezing drizzle. Crazy weather!!

I hope we have some interesting posts to write in the future. We'll work on it!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ways you know you're in CO

1) A fox in our front yard (we live in Denver)

2) My kids chase tumbleweeds at recess for fun.

3) It snows in the morning and is sunny and beautiful in the afternoon.

4) You can see a colorful sunset over the mountains while walking out of Target.

5) You can't go a day without hearing about skiing or ski passes (we are going to try soon).

We love CO! It has been a great weekend, minus the car accident. We went out to dinner with friends on Friday and Saturday and spent some time outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Honesty we have not experienced any rainy, cold weekends yet. The one weekend when it wasn't nice in CO we were in St. Louis for the Mizzou game and it was 80 degrees there. Today James said that he actually wanted a day where it wasn't nice outside so he wouldn't feel guilty for not being outside. I am sure one of those days will come this winter but really it is always sunny here. When it does get cold we can handle it as long as it's sunny.

I hope everyone had great weekends and now it is back to work.