Wednesday, April 01, 2009


It has been a rough few days for us because I have been sick and James has been taking care of me. I have been sick since Sunday and it has only gotten worse. On Tuesday I just started feeling worse and worse. I did teach all day and came home with a fever. I took some Tylenol to help my fever and used the Neti pot to help clear out my sinuses. That didn't help. I could barely get up this morning but didn't have the energy to write sub plans for the day. I lost my voice today but at least the kids were sweet to me. It was so hard to teach though. I left school a little early and felt so bad I didn't want to drive home. James took me to urgent care. I don't have a primary care doctor here because I haven't been sick since I have lived here. I tried to find one after school today but had no luck with the first few I called. Anyway, I have bronchitis and the doctor gave me a breathing treatment to prevent me from getting pneumonia. I have an inhaler and am supposed to just continue taking Tylenol. I am feeling a bit better but am still lying on the couch.
James is going out of town this weekend for a guy's trip with some friends from St. Louis. My mom was going to come this weekend but there is another blizzard in the forecast for Saturday, which is the day she was going to fly in. She is going to come another weekend instead. I really don't want to see any snow but hopefully it will be gone soon. Last Thursday/Friday Denver had a blizzard and when we came back on Sunday it was 70 degrees and sunny. I guess I can deal. I'll post vacation pics this weekend.

Monday, March 30, 2009


We arrived home yesterday, definitely a bit later than anticipated. We had an early flight out (6:30 a.m.). The day was hectic from the beginning. We got a taxi at like 5:00 a.m. and boy did he have a lead foot. I think we made it to the San Diego airport in about 9 minutes from our hotel. When we got to the airport we realized that we had left our backpack in the room. We told the taxi driver we needed to head back. We got the backpack and made it back to the airport in record time. The ride actually made me car sick. Then we had a layover in Salt Lake City and got stuck in the snow for a few hours. After we left the airport in Denver we stopped to pick up Molly. She seemed to be in good spirits until she puked 3 times in the car after leaving the daycare parking lot. Then James and I got sick to our stomachs. Luckily I had one extra day off today and have been sleeping on and off. James felt good enough to go to work but he did have to leave work to come take Molly to the vet because there is no way I could have driven her. We did have a wonderful time in Cali for spring beak but I'm sad that I can't ultilize my last day off to unpack, laundry, etc. Oh well. We had such a great time and will post pictures soon. Hopefully I feel good enough to be with 2nd graders tomorrow.