Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Funny Little Guy

At 19 months, Anderson is such a ham! James and I are having so much fun teaching him new things each day. His little mind is a sponge and seems to soak up everything. It really is amazing to watch his little mind work and learn new things. Lately he's learned how to hoot like an owl, moo like a cow, flap his hands like a duck, and do motions to several songs that we sing all the time. He also has a really good memory. If there's something he wants and we tell him to wait until after whatever, he totally remembers and will remind us. He's such a funny little guy and we've really noticed that he's starting to do big boy things. Today we went to have lunch with James and he held our hands and walked all the way to the restaurant. Babies sure do grow up so much! He is getting more independent but is still a mommy's boy. Hopefully that never changes!
Party at the Aquarium.
Big boy cup.
Anderson loves his cars.
I can help mom!
I'm a good helper.
Such a boy!
Look mom ( he did this all by himself)
Banana phone