Saturday, February 11, 2012

Got our Groove

Life has been busy but good.  We are finally getting a routine going for everyone and have a new sense of normal.  I went back to work on Monday and it went really well.  Our house is like a zoo in the mornings but once we all get out the door all is ok.

Charlotte is growing so fast and is sleeping so much better! Anderson is actually enjoying his sister some of the time.  He likes to help and doesn't seem quite as jealous.  James and I are feeling like we have a little more time to ourselves now that both kids are asleep at the same time each night. We also get a little bit of time kid free while they are napping.  Things are definitely looking up!
Someone has been very smiley lately!

Anderson playing his new harmonica.

What do I do with this much snow?

Enjoying wine while painting!


The final products. They look better from far away.

Daddy with his kiddos.