Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our Apologies for being bad bloggers.

We haven't been the best about updating our blog as of late. That's also to say we haven't done a whole lot that we consider blog worthy. We've been house shopping (unsuccessfully). Real estate in Denver is still pretty pricey. We've also had some eye opening moments working out a budget to see what we can really afford. We didn't make much money on the sale of our home and thus we're lighter in the down payment department than we would like. We'll keep looking and hopefully sooner or later the right place will come along. The current economic times do make it a bit scary to be house shopping, but we're motivated for many reasons. Tripping over each other daily in our tiny rental house, and never being able to find anything in our one car attached storage facility are just the tip of the ice berg. So, we promise to write more frequent and interesting posts in the near future. Until then here are a couple random pictures to tide you over (since people really want pictures anyway).