Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekends Through Pictures

The last few weekends have flown by because we have been so busy. Two weeks ago James's parents were visiting and we took a train ride through Royal Gorge and went to the Cliff Dwellings. It was really a neat experience.

The next weekend we went to Mount Evans and I ran a half marathon in Boulder.

Now to the grand finale. This past weekend was just amazing. We went camping/hiking with a few friends in the Flat Top mountains. Wow, it was breathtaking. We started in Boulder and drove through Rocky Mountain National Park, then through Grand Lake, and on to our destination. The elk were out in full force in the park and we had to stop for photos! We had a very secluded campsite (I am happy to report no bears) and the Aspen trees were a vibrant yellow. We hiked to the Devil's Causeway. The pictures don't do it justice. James and I decided not to go across the bridge because we didn't want to take Molly. Okay, we were scared or should I say I was scared. Our friends went across it and at some points they had to crawl and hold on to both sides. I was scared for them!
The mountains have been such a nice escape for us and in some way they remind us that life is wonderful and we should cherish each day. Life seems to be a little slower up in the high country. We love it!