Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mountain Fun in CO

Wow, it has been HOT here in Denver! Today marked the record for the most consecutive days in the 90's. It has been all over the news. It's funny because my friend who has lived here for five years said, "It's not supposed to be like this." The one good thing is that there isn't much humidity so it doesn't feel as bad as St. Louis did. My parents came to visit in this heat last week. We DON'T have an air conditioner but James' mom was nice enough to order a transportable one for us. She is a life saver!!
We had a great week with my parents and were very busy. We went to Rocky Mountain National Park, Roxborough State Park, Manitou Springs, and Pike's Peak. We saw a few marmots, chipmunks, and elk but that was about it for this time (okay with me).

These were taken at Rocky Mountain National Park (Sprague Lake). It was a cloudy day but beautiful!

These are all pictures taken at Roxborough State Park. I definitely noticed all of the wildlife signs. We love nature but not wildlife encounters. We have been charged at by Elk before (in Missouri) and I remember thinking that I saw my life flash before my eyes. Have you had any encounters with wildlife?

The long train ride was worth it to the top of Pike's Peak. We watched for wildlife and felt the temperature get colder and colder. The engineer on the train said that in approximately 550 trips he has seen a bear two times and a mountain lion only once. We wouldn't have minded seeing a bear or mountain lion from the train. James got the whole end of the train out of their seats when he said in an excited voice, "Mountain Lion", but it was just an elk. He truly thought it was a mountain lion for a split second.

This weekend we are going to Copper Mountain so that James can do the Copper Triangle bike ride. He will climb three mountain passes over 80 miles!! James' friend Joe is in town this weekend and we're going to climb a fourteen er on Sunday. Anything to delay the return to the Denver heat.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We are taking some time to begin the healing process from our loss of the boys. We are heartbroken but know that we can get through this. We have continued to stay very busy and are trying to enjoy the beautiful CO outdoors. Please check back soon as we will start posting more regularly.