Sunday, December 05, 2010


We had a fun filled weekend with Grandma C. The weather was very warm (70) until Sunday. We went to the Children's Museum and Anderson loved it! It is so much fun to see him discovering all the new things. The last time we took him he was barely crawling. We even got to eat lunch outside. Grandma babysat Anderson on Friday evening so that James and I could go to his holiday work party downtown. We got dressed up and had a great night. The food was delicious and then we met some friends for a drink afterwards. James got a few free coupons for free hotel nights that we had to use before the end of the year so we stayed downtown after the party. We enjoyed a night without waking up (Anderson is getting his molars).
Anderson is changing so much! It seems like he is doing something new almost every day. He is finally at the point where he wants to take steps on his own (instead of us tricking him into taking steps). He just didn't have the self confidence before and preferred to crawl. He has been really vocal and has been trying to read his books to himself. I'm a teacher, so of course we're trying to instill a love for reading! :)
How does this work?

Family picture for Christmas card.
I don't want the Santa hat on!

I know I'm cute!
My balloon is up there, how do I get it?

Yay, I got my balloon!

Playing in the playhouse.

This is just my thing!

Outside fun.