Saturday, February 25, 2012

Enjoying our kids

Life has been so busy, but definitely good! I can actually say that after 11 weeks things are going great.  We are all on a routine and Anderson has been so much better.  He's been saying the funniest things and is trying to help with his baby sister.  She loves to watch him! 

Here's a couple snippets of conversations with him lately:

Me: "Are you excited to go to the aquarium to see sharks?" Anderson: "Sharks have sharp teeth.  Bite, ouch!"

After I had an accident with our garage (I'm not going to discuss further)  Anderson:  "Oh no, crash.  Garage broke.  Daddy fix." 

When we were driving one day and he saw the mountains, Anderson said, "Snow mountains, want to hike." 

He's also been pretending that there's a bear after him (from the book Going on a Bear Hunt).  

Besides taking care of kids, I've started training for the Portland half marathon that is in May.  I'm up to 7 miles and I'm glad I have some motivation because I want to lose the rest of the baby weight plus a few more pounds.  My friend Tresa wants me to do one in April, but we'll see how in shape I feel. I wish that I could snap my fingers and be in shape again! It's definitely more of a challenge to find the time for long runs but James is so good about giving me time for running.  :)

Enjoying the Denver Museum of Nature and Science on President's Day.

Anderson watching the fish with his friend Madison at the Denver Aquarium.

Watching the big fish and sharks.

Talking turtles.

After bath.

Reading a book.

Sporting one of her cute outfits.

Love that smile!

Happy Girl.

Tummy time!

James reading to our sitting swap little friends.