Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting Ready!

This past weekend James' parents came to visit. We went to a Rockies/Cubs game, went to the Coors Brewery (no samples for me), and went up to Central City/Blackhawk. James' mom also took me shopping to buy baby stuff. The baby clothes are just adorable and so tiny!

We are getting things ready for our new addition and I'm also getting ready for my return to school. I'm a little sad about it but the fact that I get another summer off when the baby is born is kind of motivating!

I'm in the process of getting the bags ready for the hospital and probably need to have everything ready in the next few weeks. We are meeting with our pediatrician today and I think I have gotten everything else done this summer. We have been reading baby books and are very nervous about the sleepless nights. Maybe my insomnia is just preparation for when our little guy won't sleep. We keep telling ourselves that hopefully the worst of it will just be for the first few months. We hope to have a baby that loves to sleep. Doesn't everyone?

That's about it. Not much else knew for new. To all my teacher friends--I hope you all have a great beginning to the new school year!