Thursday, July 07, 2011


We had a great, relaxing trip to Sanibel Island, Florida. Of course we took Anderson and some people would wonder how in the world it could be relaxing with a 21 month old. It really was though. Traveling with a toddler makes our trips different than they used to be, but he's such an easy going guy. He slept great and the time difference was in our favor this time because he could stay up later and he slept in later. Most days he wasn't out of bed before 9:00. I think being out in the ocean wore him out so he never complained when we put him down for naps. All in all, it was great trip. We ate seafood almost every day, walked/ran along the beach, swam, ate ice cream, read, etc. I'll have to post pics once I get them all downloaded.

On to our fun news.... Anderson is getting a special Christmas gift of a sibling this year. (due date is Dec. 20). We couldn't happier! Anderson has been such a blessing and is such a joy in our lives! Each day is such a gift and we feel so happy to bring another special person into this world. We even get to find out the gender on August 4th, if we choose to. Who am I kidding? Of course we'll find out!

That's about it for us. I'll post pictures soon!