Thursday, June 10, 2010

Busy Having Fun

We are having such a fun summer so far and our calendar is booking up for the summmer! We went to the local outdoor mall to play in the water fountains the other day and yesterday we went swimming with our good friends Kathleen and Annie. Anderson just loved the water! We even met another 8 month old baby and they enjoyed talking. It was so much fun! Today we went to my school library to read to the kiddos who are doing the summer reading program. It's nice to be able to do fun things with my little guy.
The great thing about being in CO is that we get to meet up with lots of friends/family who are here for vacation or for work. In the next few months we have several friends who will be here and we are going to make a few trips ourselves. We're going to Seattle/Vancouver in late June, St. Louis in July, and we are going away a few weekends to fun places here in CO. I absolutely love summer but sure wish James got more time off!
What a big boy!
Summer fun!

Anderson loved the pool.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Cute video