Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Our weekend was rather uneventful but was enjoyed by all of us! We finally got some snow in Denver and it was actually nice to snow! We enjoyed our time at home and Anderson enjoyed his 2 minutes in the snow (It was extremely cold for a few days). Now we're ready for the sun to bake off the snow and for some warmer temperatures.
We're excited about a new year. It's really hard to believe we've started another decade in the 2000's. We made our top ten things we want to do or accomplish for this year and set our budget (woo hoo). We hope there are some fun surprises in store for 2011 and that everyone has a great year!

Enjoying the last warm night at the zoo before the
frigid temperatures and snow.
Somebody was SUPER excited to be up past his
bedtime after the zoo.
All geared up for his 2 minutes out in the snow.

Snow is fun!
Goodbye baby mullet.