Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crazy Fall Weather

We have really had the perfect weather lately and then we were surprised with some snow today! It was nice to be inside today but we are happy it will get warm again. We haven't been up to much but we have realized that we have A LOT to do before baby number 2 is born. I recently joined Pinterest and have so many ideas for the kids' rooms that we are going to work on the next few weekends. It's funny because with our first baby we were really prepared and now we find ourselves asking, "Um, what does a newborn need?"
Anderson might be getting a little inkling that something is going to happen. We bought a book about a new baby sister and he can identify everyone in the book. When I ask him where his baby sister is he points to my belly. He is getting to be such a big boy. I recently bought him a baby Elmo potty book too. One night after bath while we were doing our usual run around the house with animal towels on, he starting going potty on the floor. We quickly put him on the toilet and he finished. Now it has become part of our nightly routine after bath and most of the time he goes! I also got him to go once today during the day. I'm really not sure he's quite ready but it's a start. We love our big boy!

Yay leaves!

So fun!

My pumpkin.

Trying to be a big helper!

Love the leaves!

Two days later!

A little deep!

Oops, we should have brought in the pumpkin.

Inside fun.


More silly!