Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our 8 week sweetie

We can't believe that Anderson is 8 weeks old today! Last night we were talking about how incredibly lucky we feel to be his parents and have him in our lives. The first few weeks were really rough but now things are wonderful. We feel so truly blessed. Anderson has changed so much in the past 8 weeks. Here are some highlights:
1) He coos and smiles in the morning when we get him out of his crib
2) He is sleeping longer stretches at night (last night he almost slept 6 hours straight)
3) He loves to watch us and it seems like he knows when we go in his room while he is going to sleep
4) He is so much more alert. He is so happy when he is awake and I think it is all because of the E.A.S.Y. schedule.
5) He will let us know if he is overstimulated
6) He is a great eater. He is over 12 pounds now!
7) He seems to like bath time now
8) He gets excited to play on his mat
9) He doesn't mind tummy time and is doing great at lifting up his head and turning it from side to side
10) He isn't a huge fan of naps but is getting better about sleeping in his crib. He is a master at unswaddling himself!

Yesterday I took Anderson to my school to have lunch with my team and to meet my class of 2nd graders. He had a lot of fun but I think having 23 kids staring at him was a little overwhelming.

We LOVE his smile!

Hanging out before we left to go to school.

Oh look who is unswaddled. He was in there tight too!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

11 pounds 7 ounces Oh My!

On Friday I had to take Anderson to the doctor because we thought he had an eye infection. He got some ointment and will be fine. Our doctor weighed him and couldn't believe that he was 11 pounds and 7 ounces. He is going straight up on the growth curve! He LOVES to eat!

This weekend Anderson smiled for the first time awake. He is so adorable and we just think he is great. We took him hiking on Sunday for the first time and he had a good nap in the Bjorn. He loves to ride in his carseat and with our routine it works out pretty well to get out as long as we follow it. Really, as long as there is food he is fine! I have been trying to get him out about every day since it has been beautiful. Last week we even went downtown and met James for lunch and Anderson got to meet his coworkers. I'm having so much fun with him that I can't even think about going back to work.

Have a great week!

Anderson's first real smile. So cute!

Our cute little monkey!

He loves to ride in his car seat.

Mommy and her baby boy!

He's getting chubby!

First time in the Bjorn.

What a great daddy!

Nice day for a hike!