Friday, October 01, 2010

Finding a Balance

Things here are going great. I'm really enjoying the extra time at home and the time spent at school. Anderson is such a great little guy and I truly cherish every minute I get to spend with him. I feel like I have more time to devote to him and to my teaching. I'm trying to set weekly goals of things I want to accomplish when I'm home. My goals this week were to exercise, try out a new recipe, start Anderson's one year Shutterfly book, and finish reading a book. I did the first three but still haven't found as much time to read. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous so we have been busy outside. I'll try next week! Another long term goal I've been thinking about is getting out more often with James. We have always enjoyed taking Anderson with us when we go places, but it is nice to go without him once in awhile. I think it's healthy for any relationship to have some adult time. Since we have no family here and I don't always want to feel like I'm asking friends, we signed up for a nanny service. I worked for a great one in St. Louis right after college and found one here in Denver. It is reasonably priced and I feel like we can trust the people that come into our home. I'm so excited to go out tomorrow evening! This way we can plan to go out a few times a month. I'm excited about going to see movies, musicals, dinner, etc. I think Anderson will do great and it will help him adapt to new situations/people.
Here are some pics of our little man from last weekend and this week. He had a really high fever last week but is feeling so much better!

He was a little under the weather but enjoyed
the drive out to Rocky Mountain National park.
The fresh air was nice.

Before daddy put the cabinet locks on. Really,
we should have done it awhile ago but they are done.

The beautiful Elk on a gorgeous day!

Anderson enjoyed the yummy apple.

He's getting better about feeding himself but
we sure do clean up some messes. Molly loves
it anytime Anderson eats.