Sunday, July 19, 2009

Anniversary Weekend

This weekend James took off Friday and we headed to Central City/Blackhawk for a little slot machine feeding and a yummy dinner. We enjoyed the afternoon hanging out with the "seasoned gamblers." On Saturday we did yard work almost all day. It was nice to have some time at home getting some things done! On Sunday we went for a hike called the Three Mile Trail in the Mount Evans wilderness area. It was longer than three miles and gorgeous! We had fun playing with the camera and James helped me cross the streams. When we came to the last crossing one of the logs was broken and since my balance isn't the best we decided to head back. We had never been to this area in Colorado and the scenery was beautiful. We took lots of pictures of wildflowers. After we got back James grilled salmon and veggies on our new grill given to us by his parents for our anniversary. Grilltastic!