Thursday, July 01, 2010

Our Vacation

It has been a whirlwind of traveling the last week. We had a great time in Seattle and Vancouver. We had a lot of fresh seafood and coffee on our trip! Really, especially in Seattle there are at least three coffee shops on every corner. In Seattle we went to Pike Place Market and it was huge. I wish every city had a market like it. We had coffee at the very first Starbucks across the street too! Our first seafood meal at the Crabpot was absolutely amazing! They dumped a huge pot of seafood right on our table. Yum! We took the ferry to Bainbridge island and explored the quaint shops/restaurants, and played in the park. The views of Mount Rainer were spectatular. We also did a lot of exploring by the water and ate clam chowder/fish and chips. On another day we drove to Alki Beach and enjoyed the beautiful views and a good breakfast. It was a lot of fun but we definitely liked Vanouver better. We drove to Vancouver and had so much fun exploring the city. We stayed near Stanley Park, which is huge and beautiful. The city really reminded us a lot of Europe. We loved the glass buildings with amazing views of the water. Everyone was really friendly and it was just different than here in the United States. One day we drove to Whistler and it was one of the most amazing stretches of highway we've ever driven on. The views were breathtaking and the waterfalls along the way were gorgeous! They day before we left Vancouver and went back to Seattle I ran a half marathon. What a difference running at sea level makes. I ran so much faster and didn't get out of breath. All in all, it was great to see a new part of the country. Anderson had a great time and really enjoyed taking in all the sights. He is such a great traveler and boy was he a flirt. He made a lot of friends with his adorable smile. So fun!
Side story--We usually try to fly Southwest airlines. On the way home, James was in the A boarding group and I was in the B. The plan was for James to get on, get us a seat, and then I was going to take Anderson. Being a frequent Southwest customer, I knew that family boarding would be between A and B. So, after A was done boarding, I got in line for B. An older woman asked me what number I had. I thought maybe she was confused and proceeded to explain to her how the process worked. No, she wasn't confused, she was just a mean lady. She told me that I should go to the end of the line. I told her that I was in line for the family boarding. She then told me that Southwest didn't do that. All I could say was, "That's not very nice." Yes, I sounded like an elementary school teacher. She felt very bad. I did get out of line and sure enough, they called for family boarding and I was smiling on the inside as I passed her. Seriously, some people just are so rude. Why? Have people always been rude? It really did seem like people were more friendly in Canada. It just seemed like they were more aware of others and polite. Sometimes I just think about how self absored so many people have become and it makes me sad. I really want to teach Anderson to be a polite little guy!
Seafood at the Crab Pot

Ready for seafood goodness.

The original Starbucks in Seattle.

We loved the market.
An immigration reform sit in that shut down the city.
Ready to go!
On the ferry to Bainbridge Island.

Pretty view of Seattle.

Anderson loved the park on the island.

Alki Beach
Beautiful Vancouver.


Breathtaking view on the way to Whistler.

At Brandywine Falls.

After mommy's half marathon in Vancouver. I ran
1:57, which was much faster than in Wyoming.