Wednesday, August 04, 2010


We're really enjoying the remaining few weeks of summer. My Aunt Tammy is here this week acclimating herself to the altitude so that she can ride the Copper Mountain Triangle with James this coming weekend. We're having a lot of fun and staying busy. Yesterday we went for a run and then went downtown to meet James for lunch. Today we went to Boulder to hike and have lunch on Pearl Street. Anderson's been exhausted!
Three of Anderson's top teeth are FINALLY breaking through. He has one more that looks like it will anytime. Yippee! We've had some sleepless nights here and there and are ready for him to NOT be teething for a little while. He's really changed in the last few weeks. He has started really shrieking when he wants something. He is loud! He's eating more big boy food and is so close to walking on his own. We will definitely need more baby gates soon! He's such a sweet but boy am I tired at the end of the day!
Here's a few pictures from the past few weeks including more from our MO trip.

Anderson loves chewing on his Sophie Giraffe.

I love this sweet pic of our little man.

Little ham.

Swinging outside at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Having fun at the Magic House in STL.
Sweating at the park with friends.

Anderson enjoyed spending some time with his