Friday, December 09, 2011

Holiday Fun

Anderson really liked the blow up Santa!

Just sitting here...

Umm.. you look a little strange..

The beard, oh my goodness, the beard...

Save me momma!

Very Traumatic!

I'm out of here!

Enjoying the time at the museum after the trauma.

Fun with bubbles.

Enjoying the zoo lights to ourselves.

Silly Hubby

Anderson and his teachers.
We are enjoying the holiday season and have been trying to squeeze as much fun into our weekends as we can before baby #2 comes.  Last weekend we enjoyed snack with Santa at the Children's Museum and James's work holiday party at the zoo. Tonight we enjoyed Family Holiday night at Anderson's school.  This is our last weekend before baby and I'm really hoping that our baby girl chooses to make her appearance into the world or else I'm scheduled for a c-section on Monday.  I would rather not go through that again so please keep your fingers crossed!

I'm sure you can find Anderson in the back.  He is such a little dancer!