Sunday, September 11, 2011


It's been a great weekend but we're just so tired! Anderson is getting his two year molars and is not sleeping well.  He's been waking up several times a night and then not sleeping in.  We sure hope it gets better soon.  He's been a little grumpy so we've tried to keep busy doing fun things.  We enjoyed a nice hike in the Boulder area on Saturday.  Other than that, we really just played outside and enjoyed more time at home.

It's been hard the past two weeks because James and I decided we needed to go on a budget diet.  I happened to look at the credit card statement that we charge everything to and couldn't believe how much we've spent.  Yikes! We then got to thinking about how much we've done this past summer including home improvements, trips, shopping excursions, etc.  And, the fact that I am still working part time and we're paying more for Anderson's preschool has changed our financial situation.  We decided it was time to really cut back and try the envelope system, but instead of using cash we would use our debit card.  We did eat out quite a bit before and now we truly see how expensive it can be.  The hardest part for us has been groceries.  How do people get by without spending so much on groceries? I do use some coupons (not extreme at all) but it's really hard to go with a set amount and not spend more than that set amount.  We have just realized that living is just expensive; especially when you are trying to eat healthy.  We've stuck to our budget for the most part but now we have birthdays coming up this week and are going to have a house full of family this coming weekend.  Hopefully we can stick to it and be thoughtful about our spending.  It's really not fun though!

Our big boy!

Anderson loves balls!

Funny little guy!

Happy to be going on a hike.

Our boy sure loves dirt.