Monday, January 30, 2012

Sweet Kiddos

Things are getting much better week by week.  It almost seems like there's something magical about having a 6 week old because that seems to be the age where things begin to get easier.  I guess it makes sense that many women return back to work after 6 weeks.  Here's a few updates on the kids:

Charlotte is starting to be a bit more interactive.  She is smiling and cooing now and it's adorable! She is on a little bit of a routine/schedule and is sleeping 5/6 hour stretches at night. We were having problems getting her back to sleep after the 3 or 4 am feeding but lately she's been going right back to sleep.  James is thankful that he hasn't had to make any late night drives with her.  We are loving having a sweet baby girl!

Anderson is such a little ham.He is talking up a storm and repeating EVERYTHING.  He has a great memory and loves pretend play.  He is starting to sing along with us and can say all of his ABC's.  He is always making connections with his favorite books and sometimes he says things and we wonder where he heard them.  Lately he's been talking about the dark and monsters.  We have no idea where that came from.  He is still very jealous of his little sister and we have to watch him like a hawk  He loves sweets (where does he get that from?). We made cookies one time and he says the word cookie a few times a day now.  He will even try to pull out the drawer with the pan and say, "Mommy, please make cookies."  He also loves Starbucks.  No, we haven't bought him his own hot chocolate or anything but one time he did get a hold of my empty cup and drink the few drops of chocolate from the bottom.  Every day he wants me to go to Starbucks to get a mocha.  That silly guy!

Let's just say that life is interesting and we love our kiddos.  Sometimes we get overwhelmed but then we just laugh and realize how lucky we truly are.

Having fun at Lollipop Park.

Big boy!

Sweet girl!

Construction zone (we ended up making a bigger one after this picture.

Sibling love!

So cute!

Love her smile!