Saturday, October 24, 2009


Anderson is sleeping well at night besides waking up with congestion. I wish the congestion would just go away. We have a humidifier and James did some research and ordered a Nose Frida. I was grossed out at first but it really has helped. Sometimes nothing works and that is when his sleep is restless. We can't blame him, poor little guy! The naps during the day are what we are struggling with a bit. Normally Anderson falls asleep eating and then I put him down for naps. He sleeps so well and so long but I have read that it will come back to haunt me sooner than later. I have been reading The Baby Whisperer and am now trying the E.A.S.Y. schedule. It is not easy by any means! My main goal is to try to help Anderson differentiate between eating time and sleeping time. I also think he was overstimulated because we kept him up too long between naps. I'm exhausted trying to get this little guy to go to sleep on his own without eating but we have had two successful naps after trying the four S's from the book. I have read it cover to cover and it has some great information.
Last night Anderson and I picked up James from work and we met two friends at our favorite sushi place near our old rental home. We hadn't been there since I got pregnant and it was more fabulous than I remembered. Anderson slept through dinner and did great! It was nice to get out. Tonight we are having four friends over and they each have one year olds. It should be fun. I hope everyone has a great weekend. We had to get outside because the weather is supposed to get icky for the next few days. James went for a bike ride, I took Anderson for a walk/run, and I kept James company for a few minutes while he raked leaves. So far a great weekend!

Monday, October 19, 2009

One Month and Out and About

Anderson is one month old today! Yesterday we took Anderson to the pumpkin patch for some picture abuse and then we headed to Boulder to eat dinner out. That was the first time he had been inside a public place. He did pretty well throughout the day. It was so nice to get out. We must have worn him out because he slept for two 4 hour stretches and another 2 hour stretch this morning! We have seen him change so much in the past month.
He definitely has much more alert awake time
He will track objects with his eyes
He will make eye contact for longer periods of time
He reaches for the toys that hang down on his activity mat
He will hold on to my shirt when I pick him up
He lifts his head and can turn it to the other side when on his tummy
He is starting to coo just a bit (mostly in his sleep and when he is eating)
He is getting heavier and longer (we had to adjust the straps on his carseat because they wouldn't fit him!)Things are getting so much easier and are starting to feel more normal. Wow, having a baby was a huge adjustment but I'm loving it!! I'm really enjoying my time home with him and will love it more now that we can get out and do things!

Grandma holding him

We love the double chin!

Riding in the carseat

Pumpkin pic abuse

Our little pumpkin

The family

The mountains looked gorgeous with the snowcapped peaks.