Sunday, August 28, 2011

Need Another Weekend

It's just been a crazy busy time lately. The weekend before I started school we went to Las Vegas to celebrate our anniversary that was a few weeks before. Grandma H. came to stay with Anderson. Then I went back to school full time for the first week and a half and Grandma C. came to watch Anderson during the end of the week. Now I'm working my normal part time schedule and Anderson is getting into a routine at early preschool. It was a rough transition for him but he is doing really well now. We think it will be great for him to be around other two year olds (he's almost two). We're hoping that his speech just explodes in the next month. Just this last weekend he's said a few new words, so we are hopeful.
This past weekend James painted the bathroom and tiled around the bathtub. Luckily he had help for the day on Saturday. We also had friends over for dinner. On Sunday I spent the day organizing Anderson's playroom since we just bought a train table for his birthday gift. We had to make room!
Is it Friday yet? I guess I can say is it Wednesday yet!
Fort fun.
Lounging in the new IKEA tent.
The bathroom is almost complete!
James's great tile work
More great tile work