Sunday, July 31, 2011

Making the Most of Summer

We had such a fun weekend enjoying some summer activities. On Friday evening we went to Sunflower Farms for family fun night. They have it several Friday nights throughout the summer. It was SO much fun! Anderson loved the playhouses, swings, animals, tractors, etc. We all enjoyed ourselves. On Saturday we went to the Dragon Boat festival with some new friends that just moved here from Chicago. It was hot in the sun but we still managed to have fun. We couldn't believe that we had to take a shuttle from Invesco Field just to get there.
The rest of the weekend was spent shopping and bathroom work (James). It's funny because we started with summer with the bathroom remodel and are ending the summer with the bathroom remodel. At least it will be done!
I have just two weeks until I have to report to school for duty. The kids start in 3 weeks. Yikes!
Feeding the hungry goats.
Driving the old tractor.
Riding on the old bulldozer.
Walking across a hanging bridge.
Horse ride--they did have real pony rides but
maybe we'll try that another time.
We had to drag Anderson out of the corn house!
Come here kitty!
A nice kitty!
Pretty horse.
Sitting with momma in the old car.
One pic of a dragon boat.
More weekend fun with elephant rides.