Saturday, August 21, 2010

End of Summer

We've had a great last few weeks of summer and school has already begun. We've had lots of company and spent a weekend in Copper Mountain. We had a great time with our guests and Anderson (and Molly) LOVED all the attention! It's hard to believe that our fun summer has ended and that little Anderson is already 11 months old *sniff sniff* He is so much fun but babies just grow up way too fast. Maybe that's why people have more! :)
Anderson is talking up a storm (baby babble) and is all over the place. He moves quick and when he wants something nothing stops him. He's doesn't like when we shake our heads no at him and will even sit and cry with huge tears. We try not to say no too much because we want him to know that no means no. Anderson is eating a lot of big boy food but still enjoys his bottles. He's lazy and would prefer that mommy or daddy hold the bottle for him. The past week has been an adjustment for him with mommy being gone and to top it all off, our babysitter is not going to be able to care for him the rest of the year. It was stressful but we did find a great new babysitter who used to teach in our district but chose to stay at home with her baby. One big plus is that she lives in our neighborhood so it will be a quick 2 minute drive.
School is going great and I absolutely love 4th grade! The kids are so much fun and my quote from the first day is, "Wow, you tell them to do something and they do it." It's amazing! My partner and I team taught this past week (just 3 days) and next week we start our part time schedule. I love the fact that I only have to teach Monday and Tuesday and then I'm off for the rest of the week. I think it will be the perfect arrangement because I didn't want to completely give up teaching. I do LOVE it! My new team is awesome too. So, things are pretty good right now. That's about it for now.
Anderson loved cheering for all the bikers.
Anderson and the bear at the zoo.
Anderson riding in his bike trailer.
Our cutie pie. He's ready for football season!