Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy to be a Mom!

I feel so thankful to be a mommy to our precious little guy. He has blessed us in so many ways and we couldn't love him more than we already do. Being a mom is wonderful. It is amazing to think about how last year he wasn't even born and this year we have this lovable, observant, funny little guy. It's hard to remember what life was without him. Every day I thank God for him and think about how much I'm blessed as a mommy.
James' mom was in town to babysit Anderson for a few days and she really enjoyed the time with him. I was sick almost the entire weekend but I think I'm on my way to recovery. It was hard not to smother our little guy with kisses, especially on Mother's Day.
Life has been very busy but I can't let a week go by without taking some snapshots..
Always chewing on something.

I love his teethy grin.

Anderson loves being outside!