Sunday, April 17, 2011


I really enjoyed my Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (along with the weekend of course) with Anderson. On Wednesday we went to the library for center/story/song time. He had a great time and ran all over the place. On Thursday we went to Kindermusik and lunch with daddy. Then on Friday we went to Monkey Business with some friends. I have to say that I love working part time. I feel so fortunate to get to spend time with my sweet boy and time with my kids at school.
This weekend we took Anderson to our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. After showing him what to do, he understood the concept of finding the eggs and putting them in his basket. On Sat. night we had a good friends Kathleen, Bill, and Annie, over for dinner. It's great having them in our neighborhood. Annie is over a year older than Anderson but they played really well together. She held his hand and ran him all over the house. It was so cute!

That's about it for us. Have a great week!

Snuggle time.
What's that?
Ready, set, GO!
I want the egg!
More eggs.

Come on Anderson! Let's go!