Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day and 9 months

We had a wonderful, busy weekend. We babysat our friend's 2 year old on Friday night so they could go out and see a movie. Anderson loved playing with all the new toys. When James took him home to feed him he said that Anderson could barely eat because of pure exhaustion. On Saturday we went to Boulder to get his 9 month pictures in a beautiful park. After that we went to eat at The Buff for breakfast and it was yummy. We were inspired to go there after watching an episode of Man vs. Food that was filmed in Boulder. On Sunday we went to church, out to eat for some BBQ, and then we met our previous paster and his wife (from our STL church) for dinner since they were in town. What a fun weekend!
Anderson turned 9 months old on Saturday. It's so hard to believe! He is such a little man and is so much fun. He is loving his new mobility! His eyes get so wide and he always gets a huge smile on his face when he takes off for something he wants. He also started cruising the couch and tries to get the laptop. Eating is one of his favorite activities now. He squeals when he sees the puffs canister. He also is playing games. He likes to bang his pacifier against the bars in his crib and then likes to drop it. We will usually pick it up once and then say ooops and leave it. He is a great little snuggler and loves books. He slaps the book he wants us to read and has started turning the pages. We love him to pieces!

Looks like fun.

I'm trapped but it's still fun!
Playtime after my bath.

Silly boy.