Monday, June 29, 2009


Let's see.. camping was fun for one night but also a lot of work for one night. It will be the only time we actually go camping this summer because I'm only going to get bigger and bigger! We had a good time but I didn't sleep well even though we had an aero bed. Maybe I'm still a little afraid of bears and mountain lions. The boys were told at the ranger station that because of the rain they have had there isn't as plentiful of a supply of berries as usual so to be careful and be on the lookout for bears. They neglected to tell us this until the next morning. Of course I still kept thinking of bear attack stories and the movie The Grizzly Man. I know, I know, there aren't Grizzlies in CO but still.
We didn't cook the best food but the views were amazing. It is sad looking at all the tree kill from the bark beetles. Poor trees.
Over the 4th we are staying in a condo with four of our friends. Maybe that is my kind of camping (at least until I'm not pregnant anymore).

James and his oreos.

Poor trees...

Burnt sausages anyone?

James's idea of roasting an oreo wasn't a
great one..

So peaceful..

Tired doggy.