Tuesday, June 26, 2012


We're really enjoying our summer although it's been hot, especially for Denver.  It seems like we are busy every day doing something fun and James and I are getting out with friends and with each other quite a bit too.  Charlotte has been the easiest baby and loves to be out and about with the action.  Anderson has not been easy this summer! He's definitely going through some developmental changes and has been very challenging.  He will turn 3 in September and I've heard that 3 is actually worse than 2. We're in trouble! We've wondered lately where our sweet guy has been. He has his moments but anything can lead to epic tantrums and he isn't a good listener.  If anyone has tips, please feel free to share.  We are trying to help him use words to express his emotions and he gets his fair share of time outs.  He has even been waking a time or two at night.  Charlotte sleeps all night until 8:30-9:00 but Anderson is up bright and early.  We think that he's not getting enough sleep and that's contributing to his split personality problem.

We are still taking everything in stride and trying to enjoy his good moments.  We are taking a trip to Steamboat Springs over the 4th and are excited to be up in the mountains.

A fun family/friend hike.

Anderson LOVES the water!

A few hours at the pool.

Charlotte is always chewing on something. She has her two bottom teeth now!

She isn't a fan of baby food.

She fusses, gags, and spits it out.  We'll keep trying!