Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our 2 Year Old!

Anderson's 2nd birthday was on Monday! We had all of our family visit and we had a great time.  He enjoyed all of the attention, the cake, balloons, and of course the presents.  His 2nd birthday was even more fun than his first because he knew a little more about what was going on.
Here's a little update on Anderson:
Anderson has learned about 15 new words in the past week and a half. We were really starting to get worried and were thinking about having his language evaluated.  But, he has really made some progress and it's like a switch went off in his brain and now he's trying to repeat words and is saying so many new things! He's up to around 40 words or so but seems to say something new every single day.
He is still a funny little character who loves to laugh and make everyone else laugh.  He's a lot like his daddy in that way.  He is so sweet and enjoys reading books, playing with his toys, going to the park, etc.  He is still easy going and most of the time still just goes with the flow. We've had a few challenging moments with tantrums but we think they stem from the fact that he can't communicate how he feels.  The days he goes to early preschool he does come home completely exhausted and we just know to expect a little bit of a rough evening.
We don't watch a lot of television because we've been worried about language development but his favorite shows are Bob the Builder and the Baby Einstein videos.  Usually in the evening he will go get one and beg to watch.  James and I try to interact with him during the time we watch but sometimes we get a bit sleepy.  They're definitely not quite as entertaining for us!
Anderson is definitely sensitive to how others feel.  He gets upset if someone has  a frown on their face or if another child is crying.  He doesn't like Thomas the Train because when we watched it one time they all had scowls on their faces.
Anderson is such a boy and just loves bulldozers, cars, his choo choo, etc.  He also loves music and dancing.  He got a lot of fun stuff for his birthday! He got a train table, train set, guitar, dress up hats, cars, books, clothes, a tool set, and a doctor kit.   So fun!
He's such a fun little guy and is still our little sunshine! He is our entertainment each day and feel so lucky to have him!!
Big boy!

Love this face!

Cute smile!

Hiking at Rocky Mountain National Park.  He walked almost the entire way!

Walking with daddy.

Family photo


Gorgeous day!


So fun!

Yay "boon"

Yummy cake!

Sweet kiss.


I'm two!

He loved hearing us sing happy birthday.

He blew out his candle!

Anderson and his Great Uncle Steve share the same birthday!

Too much cake and getting sleepy!

Toy Story card that sings his favorite song.


He had to put all the hats on!

Playing with Pa Pa!