Thursday, July 09, 2009

28 weeks and then some...

We have been preparing for our baby boy. We painted his room but haven't totally finished it yet. I had my 28 week appointment on Tuesday and I commented to my doctor about how relatively easy things have been. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything. I had to have my blood taken after drinking a glucose drink for the 28 week gestational diabetes screening. I for sure thought I would pass the test considering the fact that I walk every day, eat healthy (for the most part), and feel good. My doctor called and told me I didn't pass and now I have to take the dreaded three hour test. I have to follow a special diet on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Then I have to fast Monday evening and go in on Tuesday morning. I will have a blood draw, then drink more of the same stuff, and then have three more blood draws. That means I will be at the doctor's office for three + hours. Yuck!! I did go online and read that many women take the first test and don't pass but then they pass the three hour. For the original one hour glucose screening I read that some doctors have their patients fast and some don't. I didn't fast and now am thinking about everything I had to eat and wonder if it had something to do with it. Please think happy thoughts for me and I should know something next week. Here are some pics so the post doesn't sound too depressing.
28 weeks plus a few days
Before James painted the nursery

Molly is waiting patiently for Baby C.

We played a name game with her and she
helped us choose his name..
She chose the same name four out of five times! (And then ate the paper)

Monday, July 06, 2009

4th of July weekend

We had a wonderful time in the mountains over the 4th of July. We rented a townhome with two other couples and their one year old babies. We got a taste of what our lives will be like in a year! The townhome was one of the nicest we have ever stayed in with gorgeous views. The boys did some mountain biking, the girls and babies did some hiking, and we enjoyed good food and beautiful fireworks over Grand Lake.
View from the deck of the townhome.
It was so serene and beautiful.
Ready for smores.
Roasting marshmellows over the grill.
We were cold on the 4th of July.
Beautiful fireworks.