Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Happy 7 Month Old

This past weekend Anderson's grandparents (My parents) came to visit. His grandpa helped James extend our patio and put up new light fixtures in our house. We spent some time outside and went to the zoo. James and I got a night out on Saturday night too. We had been swapping babysitting nights once a month with some good friends in our neighborhood but we just really hadn't been out since Valentine's Day. It was nice to go out together and we decided that we wouldn't be those parents that talked about their child the whole night out (we just talked about Anderson part of the night..ha ha). It was a good reminder that we do need time away. Anderson is so good that we just take him everywhere but something can be said for a night out at a place you wouldn't take a baby. We are going to start getting a babysitter at least once a month, maybe twice. With us both working, life just seems so rushed all the time. It is definitely hard to find time for each other.
Anderson turned 7 months old today! It seems like every month is going so quickly sometimes I just want to push the pause button. Anderson really seems more like a little boy rather than a little baby now. It makes me sad in one way because time is going way too quickly. Our friends keep telling us that parenthood just keeps getting better and better. So far it has..

Anderson wants to go..we think he will be crawling soon.

Poor little guy is teething again!

Having fun with his toys!

Enjoying the backyard.

Riding on the zoo train with Grandpa.

Sleepy after a day at the zoo.

Just a swinging.