Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time, What's That?

Working is definitely overrated! It has been a very busy week and we are both so happy that tomorrow is Friday. It has been so hard to climb out of bed each morning, especially when it is still dark. James's parents have been visiting and last weekend we were busy showing them beautiful CO. We took a train ride to Royal Gorge and saw the cliff dwellings and then on Sunday James and his mom drove up to Mount Evans. I got sick Sat. evening and haven't felt good all week.

I think that I am run down from working too hard and the germs. I do love the kids but I feel like a brand new teacher this year with switching school districts and teaching a new grade. They are so funny and cute, which makes each day worth it. Recently we interactively wrote a letter to the desk fairy. The kids were so excited when the desk fairy wrote them back. My kids were so happy to hear that the desk fairy was going to the tooth fairy's birthday party next week. Let me just say that their desks are spotless every single day!

My birthday was on Monday, Molly's birthday was yesterday, and James's birthday is this coming Wednesday. We are going to celebrate this weekend.

I'll post pictures soon.